Amazing Instagram Photo Ideas for You

Now you have a huge arsenal of IG photo hacks that will increase your engagement rate.

What now?

These Instagram photo ideas will help you spark engagement.

1. Weather

It’s difficult to not love a great Instagram weather photo.

Use unique weather photos to practice your lighting and filters.

Send your best weather photos to Instagram!

Engage in the comments! People love clouds!

2. Photo of Flat Lay

Flat photos are great for showing off products.

White space can be used to highlight the subject matter of your flat lay photos.

Ask your followers for their top picks in the photo!

To keep the conversation going, reply to their comments.

3. Pets and animals

Pet and animal photos are the most beloved photos.

Use depth of field to highlight a pup in foreground (like the pic above).

Do you have a spunky furbaby that you would like to display?

You can capture them in action using burst mode!


Photos of location can be stunning. However, they can be dull – especially if you are taking photos of a famous location.

Find unique ways to show a place in an engaging way.

You can also experiment with depth of field (as in the above example).

Your goal is to be noticed.

Your followers can see the same place with new eyes.

5. Portrait, close-up photos

A good portrait shot is powerful.

People want to see you (at least once in awhile), and it is true.

Your followers will want to know that you are HUMAN.

You can use portraits to show your customers, your team or yourself!

6. Food

Food photos are fan favorites.

This is if you master these three photography elements in your photos:

White space
The vibrant colors of the pie are what draws your attention in the photo above.

These colors pop because the background has “white space.”

I know, I know.

Technically, it’s brown. It’s technically brown.

Excellent lighting makes all this possible.

The lighting is natural and there are no glares, even in the glass.

Although the photog probably used some kind of external light source (though it is not important), the result is what matters!

7. Clothing

Have you ever noticed that it is easy to tell when a photograph is meant to emphasize clothing?

How does a photographer do this?

Take a look at the picture above.

The background is NOT QUITE white space.

It’s not impossible, but it’s very close!

The subject’s shirt is the only visible color in the photo.

How can we be sure to pay attention?

The man in the photo is wearing sunglasses.

The shot also captures his entire outfit, rather than just his face.

These aspects together tell us that the real point of the pic is his attire.

You can also just buy Instagram likes.

Four things that happen when your Instagram feed looks great


1. You will get more followers

An added bonus to a great Instagram account is more followers.

2. Engagement is on the rise

Because it grabs attention, people are more likely to engage with Instagram accounts that are attractive.

If you can hold someone’s attention long enough, you’ll get more comments and likes.

You might even be able to use Instagram’s “save” feature on your top posts.

Engagment is even better when you post your Instagram photos at the right moment!

Let me explain:

Peak hours are when your followers are online most.

Posting during these times can be one of the best methods to get your post noticed.

What if peak hours occur at a time that is not convenient?

Use a scheduling tool to do what many Instagram users have done!

Post Planner, for example, allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and then automatically publish them.

Enjoy your coffee while you read a book.

Are you looking for creative ideas to create Instagram photos?

Post Planner has beautiful images available in its MASSIVE content library!

You can save profiles with great content to groups called Content Streams.

3. You establish authority and credibility

A great Instagram account adds credibility to your brand.


Because you are above average compared to other profiles.

It’s worth it.

It is easy to tell when influencers put a lot of thought into photos.

This is what makes an influencer’s profile memorable.

This type of impression can make you appear trustworthy.

Trust is key to growing your business, especially if you are selling a product/service.

4. Increased partnership opportunities

Brands will want to work with you as your following grows.

Post stunning photos if you are interested in forming brand partnerships.

Your IG feed will attract more followers the better it looks.

You will become more influential in your niche if you have more followers.

People will be more inclined to work with you the more influential you are.